Local friends website promotion program


is the place to make friends, in the promotion of course can not be divorced from the "local" and "friends" two factors, the Wuhu friends network (http://s.56547.cn) as an example to elaborate how to promotion from the two aspects.

a, local

since it is a local web site, of course, the first to open the visibility in the local.

1, link, Wuhu friends network station is only 1 months, but with 2 PR5, 1 PR3, the one built 2 PR2 local web sites, the effect is very obvious, every day from one to IP not less than 50, and these IP are very effective, most are registered and fill in the information. The method is also very simple: are the local brothers, pull a bar, there is time to drink a cup of wine…… As long as it is not competitive sites, are generally willing to do, even if it is not to do the home page, at least to do inside pages. This brought in IP, on the site of the PR value also has a very good role in elevating.

2, promotion, promotion of local sites can be carried out online and offline from two aspects.

QQ group, the local QQ group a lot of it, the search is that it is worth noting that, do not directly in the group advertising, send e-mail. Find a group of people online more time, hair in the past, the effect did not say that online can pop up a small window, the title and content to write a good point, the average person to point!

3, the information port, I personally feel that the use is not high, the high popularity of strict audit, audit lax popularity and poor, so I usually send out in the form of recruitment, so that the opportunity to show higher.

4, the forum, if there is a forum to sell ads and popularity can be, it goes without saying that buy. Local forums have a certain degree of popularity, if it is posted in advertising, the effect is also very good.

, 5, a week to hold a line of activities such as eating, playing badminton, sing like local dating as long as there is a certain popularity can carry out activities. The cost of the AA, members can understand


two, dating.

What is the location of the

website? This was first established, I had made a mistake, the site was built directly in the local newspaper advertising, the registration is middle-aged, what makes me be taken by surprise. Because middle-aged people especially wary of divorced men and women in the network, data without photo and no contact, the website instantly rushed out a blank


so you should pay attention to the choice of promotional tools, such as young people rarely read the newspaper, and middle-aged people on QQ’s enthusiasm is significantly lower!

These views are purely personal views on


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