Talk about the promotion of Youku and user experience

in April this year, I wrote 4 consecutive video sharing network status of the XX analysis of the article. From the "ALEXA data" "brand promotion" "SEO data" "promotion means" and so on, analysis of several mainstream video sites in these aspects. Today another angle, write their own feelings on several video sites with impression and experience. First, I love the video sharing site Youku, but also all aspects of doing a video sharing web site the most exhaustive.

one: the initial impression of Youku

remember in 06 years, when there was no point into Youku, then do not quite understand what is a video sharing site. Just think this website Youku backing, a new website, there are a lot of the original Star video interview. Later, the Zhang Yu incident, let me know more about youku. At that time, the theme of this event, I also wrote an article from Zhang Yu to talk about how to seize the hot video to do traffic, the article, seize the current hot spots of this event, this article is also widely spread on the internet. 06 years Youku, give me the feeling is very mean, there are advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest drawback is that Youku video sharing code address is very long, then my Animation Forum (with the dynamic network program) can not be reproduced. Early Youku video in the forum has a certain impact on the spread, but the problem is not long before they solved. I remember that time I asked a few friends to do video sharing site, ask them to appreciate the industry which competitors. One of the two friends to answer is Youku, Youku said the team is professional enough to impress me.

two: Youku experience

In fact, I have always felt that the

video site, to retain the user, mainly to grasp the two key, the 1 is to speed up the video (do not look at an hour of the film, it is necessary to buffer for 1 hours). The 2 is the video content to the whole (what popular TV movies can be found). I think that as long as the other two do, no matter how good the product function is the icing on the cake.

began to contact the video sharing site, I did not go to the video sharing site to watch, just keep looking for video sharing sites do not need to buffer. At that time I was in Beijing with the power broadband, in short, is not how stable speed is not fast network. Sometimes in order to see a video, to go to a number of video sites to test, where to see no buffer. Later found that most of the time Youku watch does not need to buffer, and the video content is also very full, and slowly I became a loyal user youku. Later, no matter whether I was in my hometown with telecommunications or replaced in Beijing Netcom and the Great Wall broadband, if only a video sharing site does not buffer, it is always youku. This is also the main reason why I like youku.

talk about Youku content, remember when the former company to do the video search, the leadership gave me a task, that is, every day to open several mainstream podcast Network >

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