Network marketing ten techniques of the two article marketing

      Article Marketing we all feel that I have been very understanding, is not soft Wen? But there are still some feelings, and we would like to exchange.

      Article Marketing and soft Wen almost, to write some of the other people to help the article, hope that other webmaster reproduced, bring several benefits:

      1) when the link can be retained to improve the site’s authority and search engine rankings.

      2) when the link can be reproduced to bring the direct click traffic.

      3) even if there is no link reproduced, the author’s name can also help you improve visibility.

      of course, the premise is that when the webmaster reproduced at least to retain the original author’s name. Unfortunately, this premise is almost nonexistent in china.

      Article Marketing is not only soft

      although the article marketing and soft Wen truth, but I think the scope of the operation and the spirit of the essence and the soft or different.

      often see some stone BBS and other local people to write "I am xxx website promotion, the website to leave some keywords and links in the article.

      in fact, the article is used for marketing articles can be very broad, as long as the user can help write. If you are selling recipes, you can write how to choose the kitchen, how to become a good cook, how to find a good restaurant, and so on, rather than always write me how to promote a certain recipe website.

      you write the article needs to be authorized to other webmaster

      published these articles on their website, can leave a copyright statement, such as: welcome to reprint, but you need to keep the author and the original source, and provides a link back to the original source.

      such a copyright statement on the English site is actually very effective, most people will be reproduced in accordance with instructions to do.

      from the point of view of copyright law, if the original author does not have a statement can be reproduced, others can not be reproduced, even if the copyright information can not be retained. So you put a welcome reprint of the statement, it has been authorized in advance of other webmaster reproduced, there will be no legal problems, other owners will not be afraid to contact you and not

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