Teach you how to promote the operation of local classification information website

I also have a classified information website: Xinxiang second-hand information network (http://s.0373xinxi.com), almost two months in the promotion of the construction site, do not get too full, see a lot of online teaching methods, today specially summed up, and do the same in the classification of information website owners to share, hope to be useful, then the local classified information website promotion and how to operate it? The author introduces several methods, the hope can give you some help.

a website promotion

(a) under the network promotion

1, distributed leaflets and posters: perfect city information classification, business information, news and information, discount exhibition performance in all aspects of life directly to the user to bring convenient service; at the same time also enable businesses to get full consumer feedback information, the timely access to best in the fast changing market opportunities. Initial information on individuals, businesses are free, will attract many people’s attention. Discharge location, can choose the computer city, shopping centers, residential areas, universities, etc., can be considered from the dining entertainment.

2, bus body advertising, bus mobility and high density of the bus station of the floating population, the propaganda effect is very good.

3, in the bus to buy an ad position, and then write a gun text, of course, things to be true. For example, a school released a message that the lack of certain aspects of the books or teachers, etc., you can help solve. Media reports, the visibility will certainly rise.

4, local site must be with the local media, especially in the traditional media relationship, and newspapers, magazines, television and so on, to reach a strategic partnership with them, they can get free promotion services.

(two) online promotion

1, find a local forum on text ads, and mass publicity related posts

2, released the information, organize related activities, such as public service activities, ah, will get a good publicity effect

3, recruit agents, allowing them to develop user and contact advertising, revenue is divided into

4, friendship connection, promotion and provide the PR value of the

5, search engine optimization

6, in order to attract enterprises to join, to consider providing self-service site services, divided into two kinds of free and charge, the opening of the domain name, home page recommendation

7, blog promotion, write blog soft Wen, sent to each big blog, as long as your article enough to attract, not afraid of Internet users do not come to

two, profit model

1, picture advertising: the most intuitive way of profit.

2, text message: give your end users with text (with pictures) Zhou Xiang to introduce their products or services, will be

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