Huang Hongren on how to locate the website promotion

website promotion is the foundation of a website, not only a direct reflection of the site traffic, but also the basic source of economic benefits. Then a site in the early stage, how to proceed to promote, and is a direct and effective. As you know, dragons and fishes jumbled together promotion methods on the Internet, can really benefit from these promotion methods is not much, but in fact these are the forerunners of the promotion they really benefit from the wise remark of an experienced person, the promotion of.

some people with the same energy and the same method to do promotion, why some people can get benefits, but some people are actually this problem is settle a matter by leaving it unsettled? Appeared in the promotion of the position. Of course, do not rule out the promotion of skills and experience of each issue. On the promotion of positioning, Huang Hongren to an example to share the latest promotion experience.

Huang Hongren a week before the formation of a 6 person team of imitation station, hastily spent a day set up a temporary team site, this site is very simple, is to leave some contact information and some simple cases, can be said to be the enterprise station type, but Huang Hong Ren through the promotion of seven day, turnover is close to seven thousand, and have also accumulated a list of four. Our promotion is very simple, but in the promotion of positioning is a lot of effort.

learned from here, we must first clear site promotion positioning, then what is the positioning of the positioning is to let people know what you are doing, and find you. To my imitation station team, for example, our position is to make the need to imitate the station, the site’s users know that we are specialized imitation station. Here the extension of the "who" where to gather. To find these people. You have to make the surrounding resources, such as search engines, industry professionals, relatives and friends. Mobilize all the resources you can use to search your target population.

In fact, everyone has a very large

off the shelf resources, that is the search engine. Make full use of the search engine is the best resource, and now basically collect information or release information is directly through the search engine search. For example, you now need to copy a target station, and you do not have professional friends in this area, you will be the first to do? Of course, is to search the relevant types of Web sites to be released, such as A5’s imitation trading area. Of course, in addition to the search engine, you will also have some of the resources you ignored, such as your classmates, your friends, and even your colleagues. Perhaps they do not need the services or products you provide, but their friends may have such a demand.

when you do the positioning of the website promotion, you can start execution, here is not recommended in any case do not prepare to pick up a promotion method take hasty implementation, until only a waste of time and energy, and not fight. Similarly, to our promotion, for example, in addition to locking A5, we find a large number of related forums through the search engine, although the amount of information on these forums is not large, but there are always one or two single deal. We are only 7 days

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