Li Jiaoshou was acquired by Baidu after its founder will serve as vice president of Baidu

December 29th, Baidu senior vice president Xiang Hailong announced in the internal mail:

Baidu wholly acquired Beijing education and Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the company founder, the famous WeChat public, "Li beast" author Li Jing will lead the team to join Baidu, and served as vice president of Baidu.

Li Jing

Baidu did not directly disclose the price of the acquisition, but according to Li Jing in the WeChat public number argument, the company’s valuation has reached nearly billion. Meanwhile, Li Jing also said:

hope in the future combined with artificial intelligence technology and big data, developed to help marketers insight into consumer behavior, and inspire creativity, generate tools.

According to Xiang Hailong

in an internal letter that chose to acquire Beijing taught science and technology limited company, is the use value of the methods and tools in the marketing of the latter. Li Jing joined Baidu, the team is mainly responsible for advertising creative business, marketing methodology and product exploration and research and development; and as vice president of Li Jing, will report directly to hailong.

It is reported that

, Li Jing of 90, he in 2014 around the WeChat public, "Li Jiaoshou" began marketing research, the number of public functions for each week, to rethink a marketing problem". In July 2015, Li Jing co founded the Beijing education Mdt InfoTech Ltd.


, according to Li Jing himself publicly stated, "Li Jiaoshou" team of angel investors, there is no lack of "old Baidu" background.

The following is the full text of the Dragon

internal mail:

Baidu students, Hello everyone!

is very pleased to announce that Baidu acquired wholly-owned Beijing education Mdt InfoTech Ltd founder Mr. Li Jing today to bring the team officially joined Baidu, vice president of Baidu. After joining Li Jing, whose team is mainly responsible for advertising creative business, marketing methodology and product exploration and research and development, the report directly to me, Li Jing.

Mr. Li Jing founded the Beijing educated Mdt InfoTech Ltd in July 2015, focused on promoting the "marketing science", to absorb a number of talented people to join the famous founder of marketing, the public number of "Li Jiaoshou", a series of marketing research methods and tools, have a good reputation and recognition in the industry.

please join me in welcoming Li Jing and his team to the Baidu family. Li Jing and his team believe that with Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology, big data and ecological resources combined, will create more value for customers! Hope to join Li Jing and the team for Baidu grew into a respectable World-Class Excellence Company, to make people the most equal and easy access to information, find what we seek this lofty mission with an important force!


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