The perfect combination of SEO marketing and statistics

now has a lot of SEOER to optimize as a daily hair outside the chain, update article, look for Links, if this is the case, then I can be sure that your site will never have a stable rankings. This is just the previous optimization method, with Baidu often update algorithm, this method has been unable to meet the spider’s appetite, we want to seek the core needs of the industry, disruptive innovation.

a qualified SEOER, he can be a statistician, data analyst and marketing guru. For enterprise stand, every day we have to do more than just update the article, these articles have little use for the user, the user does not need to know your industry information, he is most concerned about product prices, product quality, production (use) process, as well as your customer service service etc..

if you can change the columns of the industry to the user needs to know the content, it will reduce the rate of jump out of your site, to attract the user’s attention, increasing the user’s stay in your site. In a word, the user experience, many webmaster know the user experience, but there are a few people really pay attention to this? This is not to say, but to stand in the user’s point of view, pay attention to every detail.


1, why is it a statistician?

you don’t take time to waste in the spam chain, even if you release, Baidu will also be included, remove the garbage outside the regular chain, hair and more on your web site keywords is great. Suggest that you may wish to install a Baidu statistics, statistics every user search keywords, from which the chain, in which the visiting page stay for a long time, which page stay time is short and so on to make a statistical report.

2, why analysts?


every day to make a statistical data analysis, every week, every month to do a systematic analysis, from which you will gain a lot, you will find that so many problems need to be solved, you will find you outside the chain direction. Analysis is not only their own website, but also to learn to analyze the peer competitors website, to see where others do better, you can learn.

3, why is the marketing guru?

is a qualified SEOER, not only to learn statistics and analysis, but is also a master of marketing to marketing, the marketing concept to SEO to our life will meet the marketing, network marketing and SEO used together, then you can go in this industry more stable further.

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