Electricity supplier era, the new network marketing strategy for SMEs

      network infrastructure through the popularization of information and popularization of enterprise e-commerce application, China’s Internet network applications into the rapid development stage of " enterprises pay more attention to Internet applications, especially the network marketing with low price and fast release enterprise products and service information on the Internet, attracted many enterprises with network marketing camp " provide strong support for the wide application of " network marketing enterprises to develop the market; for small and medium enterprises, if not in this field caused by information technology, communication means innovation, accurately find their own communication strategy, the market will be further squeezed, enterprises will also be marginalized.

Philip the father of modern marketing management # / Kotler said: the Internet has not changed the essence of marketing companies in the Internet age, rely on the traditional theory has been difficult to cope with the fierce competition, many companies began to use /4P+4C, the network marketing strategy combination, even experts also proposed 0 /41 theory, including small and medium-sized enterprises follow " however, in this field; see the smoke of war, small and medium-sized enterprises due to financial and human aspects, no large-scale implementation of network marketing " small and medium-sized enterprises only give full play to the market sensitive characteristics of rapid decision-making staff incentive spirit meticulous service, continuously enhance the sense of network marketing, choose the suitable strategy to to win the market " according to the characteristics of the development of network marketing, put forward several new network marketing strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises refer to " < / p>

1, update the concept strategy

The rapid popularization and application of Internet

, let the enterprise realize that the Internet will bring more opportunities for them, enterprises began to carry out network applications, such as the establishment of the website, but after the site built and don’t know how to play its role; adhere to the basic information publishing business on the Internet, but the effect is not good; every day to collect electronic mail address, continued continue to send mail, customers no reply, which makes many enterprises have lost confidence in " in fact, these companies are relatively one-sided understanding of network marketing " in the era of network marketing, many companies really benefit a lot with " for example, Yantai lock because CCTV news broadcast effect has become an international brand; Eslite successful use of users spontaneous behavior, let VANCL style really China fire for a long time,

2 no site policy

talking about network marketing, many enterprises think of first is the establishment of enterprise website, in fact, many enterprises have not established the website is just a part of the understanding of the network marketing enterprises, subsequent site maintenance update upgrade and promotion!! " is essential; if there is no professional maintenance team, will cause the enterprise in the build your own website, play no;

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