The beginning of 09 years, a new era of network

some time ago made a paste, very depressed, feeling no development direction, in this thank the support of friends, 09 years a new day, is the moment of 0 minutes and 0 seconds.

my site into RP 2, Baidu GOOLO collected about 150, a station for a month so I feel good, (know how to enjoy happiness, meet) at that moment start revision, hard spent the night finally completed, see their results, or perception very satisfied, I do is many webmaster route, first make a garbage station, etc. included rankings have been rapidly turned, so people’s choice is also very important, my simple beauty 123 is neutral.

said what it can do, I found the station to the RP literature, and collected easily, so start literature station do a grotesque, now the real target is put into use, no matter how development, need their own efforts to do, here I come on, cheer, and I also hope as a friend, for you to refuel.

09 years we hope to harvest a year, there are friends willing to work together to explore the development of the QQ:232321051 can add QQ group: 38347906

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