The rational use of the Baidu website promotion


tools; Baidu Post Bar; Baidu know Baidu; Baidu encyclopedia encyclopedia; space; favorites; Baidu group; station information. Baidu has a high degree of authority over its products.

a ‘Post Bar: select stick: if it is to promote the site can be included in the site. Submit your site. Website transaction. Webmaster bar post title: add some more eye-catching title and text such as {} and a certain technology.

A: in the release of the article left this article from a certain link and then leave your web site.

B: help rookie, is to leave your address in the replies, replies to the 5 best.

two: Baidu know: new sites to promote the Holy land. on-line the first day there are more than and 40 IP from Baidu know, ha ha.

answer the question: to help others sincerely, you can bring a return, pay attention to their own web site must not be related to the induction (leave URL).

said: the so-called vest type, this method is very effective for the promotion of key words.

three: Baidu space

1:: self space to express their site related content and can take their own web site published, and then leave your site or keyword on paper, and then leave your site or link on keywords to improve the authority.

2: space message or comment: that is, in the comments on other people’s space or comment on the article, there will be 12 recommendations in the space home today.

: in the space left in the hyperlink, if you want to achieve the effect of SEO to optimize a keyword, it is necessary to check whether check web page code to stay hyperlink address, if not check, that link this blog or space, in his remarks in the document. The text of the web site is said to be able to attract spiders, I also study “

note: Sina blog hyperlink jump, Baidu space messages and comments can be done.

four: station information:

is to do a message directly to a user, Baidu is currently too strict for this test, you can reasonably apply the station information to do promotion.

five: Baidu Encyclopedia

Is an online dictionary

, but can let each user to edit the insufficient or above not explain every user can modify the " when editing reference; " where you can leave your own network address.

six: Baidu favorites:

my understanding is that Baidu to provide users with online collection features here can collect their own website to achieve the purpose of promotion.

seven: Baidu group:

I’m working on it, so I’ll fill it up later

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