Why enterprise website does not flow

A company to build their own website for a long time, but the flow of enterprise website flat, almost no publicity, how should he do?

network marketing expert advice is: first of all, A company should make a comprehensive diagnosis of the enterprise web site, including domain name, website search engine optimization (SEO), scientific login search engine and launch network advertisement, etc..


have a good domain name: the domain name should be concise, easy to input and have a certain meaning and significance (e.g., good studio) suffix choice is a new hot topic in recent years, such as Chinese enterprise began to keen cn domain.

website search engine optimization work: to avoid excessive use of pictures and Flash; determine the site keywords, generally limited to less than 5, usually referred to as the enterprise, product collectively referred to as the industry. Optimize the label for each page (e.g. title, link, and meta). For more than 10 active sites of external links, to improve the PR value, ensure that often update.


search engine using science: whether to create the search engine included information source, web pages indexed by search engines and the opportunity to make effective information in the search engine results in the forefront of the forefront; effective information display includes several factors: the name of the website, the enterprise provides keyword, site description and submitted to the search engine grab whether the match, and the number of web pages for search keywords, the frequency of appearance, shape and position it properly.

network advertising planning and delivery form: picture ads, text ads, video ads, interactive advertising and how to combine advertising, whether appropriate.


of the enterprise web site, the basic "diagnosis", A company found the problem in the use of the search engine needs to be strengthened, as well as the website promotion after all enterprises to sell products, you should let him go. The company made the following adjustments: to set the primary key, and the purchase of a search engine keyword ranking, by adopting mixed weaving method, multiple keywords buy several search engine service providers ranked according to customer service, and then in different search engine search habits to achieve the resource allocation, rationalization application of high rate of return on investment.


site visits a slight improvement, to continue to maintain the website visit quantity growth and enhance the brand, the company began to launch online advertising in the relevant industry website (including web and column selection, advertising planning advertising etc.). Not in a start advertising is if the enterprise itself is well-known not easily buried in many industries on the website of the competitors, on the other hand, browsing in the industry site customers usually to verify the enterprise information through the general search engine results. At that time, previous efforts have come in handy. This paper consists of www.xiaoguai.net.cn feeds.

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