Thinking and innovation of network marketing from Shoushou

has not remember how many beautiful door events, from the year of Mu Zimei, the angel sister, to the gate of Shoushou, in recent years, seemingly every year without incident beauty. A time N has attracted much attention, Carleton University professor believes that common ideas or routines, as follows (such as brick, honored):

1, a netizen broke the news (played by the planning side)

2, users interested in a little bit of Caodao sou burden (part by planning party still play).

3, the topic began to upgrade and in-depth. Hot friends. Some people began to lead people to the incident involving dabaobuping; put forward comments; people began to doubt whether the speculation. Of course, Mu Zimei that there will be a lot of real users doubt the sound, not yet textual research. After all, users should be very pure, but also not too fooled.

4, after users "time and again", the protagonist of the event out of so-called statement published behavior. Trigger hot friends.

5, the last user found, was fooled. So some users decide, can no longer be fooled. But after years of practice, this decision is difficult to achieve. After all, the network hype means it is impossible to guard against.

from Baidu, GOOGLE search volume, Baidu Fengyun, etc., can be found, whenever this event occurs, the attention of users, it is not generally high. While speculation requests Party in the whole event, always play the role of public opinion guide.

from the point of view of network marketing, the power of the Internet hype is indeed very powerful. So there is a little network marketing, often in Baidu billboard and other charts before squatting. Once the emergence of hot spots, immediately took the opportunity to follow up. Thus, the emergence of such a scene. One is the topic on the Internet hype be in full swing, N attracted much attention. On the other hand is the network marketing, in the use of this event took the opportunity to achieve their goals. Two people in the big strides forward, not busy. Finally, the good friends found that their young pure heart was hurt. And the two men laughed.

although it is said that the eyes of the economy, but the University Professor Wang believes that the follow-up network hype, it is necessary according to their actual situation, the difference between the hype events. If you do is entertainment website, the use of such events to follow up speculation, perhaps a good choice, and even you can plan a similar event. But if you are doing a more formal website, I do not recommend the. Just think, if such events with Shanda, or giant networks and other entertainment platform to catch up with the nature of the relationship, users may understand. If the Alibaba, Jingdong mall, Chinese shops network, VANCL, China Chemical Network and other well-known e-commerce sites to build relationships, then what is the effect?.

Shoushou door just red, the Internet has been someone broke the news that it was fried together

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