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I’m not a perfect person, so I can’t get the perfect thing.

I am not a rich man, so I can’t sit out.

I am not a lazy person, so I can rely on their own brains to build their own industry website, profitability, to achieve my own ideal

heart how big, ideal can go far

a. Domain name article

.Com domain name not only appears to be simple atmosphere, but also reflects the concept of globalization, so people often choose to.Com domain name. Although.Cn is very cheap, but, after all, is the name of a website, people rely on the makeup of the Buddha by gold makeup, the name is also a representative of the impact of a site, ha ha, do the best you do!

two: space article

is a domain name, to have the name, now completed 1/3, space is now to be selected, but the choice to choose a good space, free there, but what can not be put in the limit, the limit, as if to buy a foreign trade fashion clothes. Go to see Master Hezekiah, than the price check quality, finally I carefully bought a IDC IT.COM.CN CHINAZ.COM space, ADMIN5.COM and many other websites have with them in a room. Although it is a try attitude, give yourself comfort is not no, but at least the quality of their company until now there have been no problem, I admire myself (Hei Hei), after all, is the first contact with the website related things


three: select station article

is a domain name, space, thinking I should do a what kind of website, personal website, or not? I have to look at the trend of the society where? Inadvertently exposed to B2B, many people also recommended me to do a B2B industry website, said that joining B2B is equal to the join the whole market, the trend of the society is the trend of B2B.

I have found such a figure from 2003 the Internet again, e-commerce has become the vanguard of the ranks. According to iResearch market consulting firm predicts that by 2007, the overall size of China’s e-commerce market will reach one trillion and seven hundred billion yuan, of which B2B market size is expected to reach RMB one trillion and six hundred and ninety billion yuan.

and in such a competitive society, no matter what, to beat the competition in a business, can take a substantial price reduction, but come at the expense of profitability. Another method is to reduce the actual cost of the business. Strengthening the close collaboration with partners in the supply chain will help reduce costs and become a source of competitive advantage. The company shares the production plan and inventory data with partners

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