Mou Changqing how do promote my own blog

remembers that it was 2 years ago that he wrote an article about how to promote his blog. At that time, or the use of Baidu space, now look back, then did not go too seriously to promote. Because it is built on the Baidu space, do not want to give Baidu traffic, so never let go to push. Now I do a separate domain name blog, began to seriously a little.

my new blog, the main use of 4 promotional means, but also I am now the 4 major sources of traffic. Now to share with you, I mainly used which 4 promotion means.

one: preparation for the early bedding

as early as more than 1 years ago, still in Baidu space blog, I had a hunch to do their own independent blog. At that time I was used to the end of the article, leaving the blog’s first address. When I first wrote the article, I left the Baidu space. Later, I would like to, if I do not write in the blog Baidu space, and that these links are not to bring me the value of the future. At that time I was still doing an animation forum, the domain name is I set up a 2 domain jump to their Baidu space. Later, regardless of the link, or leave the first address in the article, are replaced by the 2 domain name. Then the animation forum because of the issue of the record, was forced to shut down, I directly enabled the to jump to their Baidu space. So at that time from the hair of the tail, is to leave these two address. No matter where I write blog, you can jump directly to the flow. I have a separate part of the initial blog traffic, that is, jump from the two links.

two: soft Wen promotion

1: personal blog this product as the theme to write soft

independent blog officially launched, in order to quickly get some popularity. Around me this new blog for the theme of a series of writing a series of soft. For example, the first day of the blog wrote "why do I have to set up their own independent blog" to the outside after the publication of the day has brought hundreds of IP. The second day wrote a soft Wen promotion effect case sharing analysis of the first day of soft Wen sent out, the effect. Later, she continued to write "new blog set up 4 days to record data sharing" and "new blog set up 1 months SEO data summary" and "personal blog set up 2 months some of the website data" I put these articles as the sharing of experiences, sent to the various industry related websites. Let those who have read my blog, I now know that there is an independent blog.

2: new article Riga old article links

this is the most common means of promotion, but also the most easily released from the place where the soft flow. For example, I had written a website common promotion methods (mcq0544 practice version), which lists all the promotional tools I have used. When it comes to the promotion of the forum, it will be left to the Forum

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