Practical experience to share a deep analysis of network promotion methods

speaking of network promotion methods, each network professionals will be able to speak casually several, also a lot of online search. In Chinese several famous webmaster or business platform, such as Admin5, Chinaz, Paidai and other sites, this kind of article is innumerable. A lot of articles to see really benefit from shallow, or inspired, but the actual operation up, or feel unable to start, a face vacant. The main reason for this situation is the information is too scattered, here a little, there some, the lack of a complete course systematically; the other hand is a lot of articles are not actual combat experience "bullfrog" written by imagination than practice, the bullfrog is looking to coax cattle but was in fact. Well, that seems very reasonable, practical operability is not strong. Non repudiation is indeed some articles written by some expert, but are just some things on the surface, the actual operation is hidden hand.

is not what the expert, just by several major domestic platform for many years of practical operation, basically all the major network promotion methods have done, just want to keep writing, hope in a confused stage can help friends, hope that more senior members of the industry to the exhibitions, this is for my own a raise.

1, search engine promotion

search engine promotion is divided into: A, B, SEO keywords direct investment; optimization. The purchase of search engine keyword promotion on the relative SEO optimization, is to obtain a flow and conversion rate of promotion, relatively fast and quick, but the disadvantage is the high cost, the cost per click in 5 to a piece of hair, or even higher. Without financial support, it is difficult to long-term delivery. Need to tap the precise long tail keywords, reduce the cost, improve the conversion rate. SEO optimization drawback is relatively slow, generally insist on doing more than three months to see results. But SEO is the best choice to optimize the platform stable long-term access to traffic and conversion rate, the most important is the low cost, or even free, depending on the enterprise itself has no professional SEO optimization personnel, if any, is basically only the labor cost, optimizing the salary expenditure; if not, it is generally only outsourcing to a professional company or team to do, the cost is relatively high, but compared to the purchase price is higher, keywords, long-term development platform, but also more help.

2, site navigation station to promote

site navigation station on the promotion, before a blog post: site navigation station advertising effectiveness evaluation has been introduced in great detail, here is no longer tired!

3, blog forum soft Wen promotion

blog forum soft Wen promotion, promotion costs can be said to be free of charge, but relatively high labor costs, labor intensity is relatively large. The need for professional staff to write high quality soft Wen a large number of original, but also need to have people every day to each big forum posts, maintain high traffic post. The best way to do this is to buy a forum

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