A push diagnosis of Jade Khaled website architecture and operation

today diagnosed a traditional enterprise website, it should be said that very typical. Take it out and share with you, we want to learn from.

asked: according to the requirements of company website architecture is divided into three parts: corporate image display system, the story of Jade Jade Khaled forum system, online shopping system

At the beginning of the

site, there are two aspects:

1, the use of network carriers to provide the company’s image and publicity

2, through the form of e-commerce online sales of jade, improve the effectiveness of the company

the two points above establish Jade Khaled forum main purpose is to make up for the website based on the interaction and experience, through the forum to make up for the lack of information and website information of the auction through the forum to sell jade jade, this way is selling low-end jade.

However, due to the necessity of

at the beginning of the site to the boss with too many sites of the cultural atmosphere, the construction site to promote the image of the enterprise will need to do two aspects: one is to enhance the image of the product, the two is to enhance the corporate image, so the main site to form mainly focus appearance while ignoring the contents, and website architecture is a bit messy, complicated structure (this is done by other website survey some of the views of users), the three page independently. Recently, with two friends in the chat they also expressed their views, website structure does exist, but according to the current owner of the idea of this architecture is very difficult, so I want to assume another website, a friend suggested to open jewelry information site, but from the construction site to see, I personally think that is contrary with the purpose of the site.

do not know a website to push the diagnosis of friends who have better suggestions?. Website address: http://s.feicuiwuyu.com

answer: your post says "one is to improve the image of the product, the two is to improve the image of the enterprise, which is right, but you missed it. Product image and corporate image, is the need to build on the basis of user reputation, rather than that the page is beautiful, the image of the. Our jade station, if only from the perspective of a company’s image site to see, no problem, do the beautiful, prominent theme, a good word. But if from the point of view of promotion, and even want to bring turnover, then the problem is a little more. Generally speaking from six aspects.

1, home page is a big mistake. For search engines, the weight of the home page is the highest, but also the entrance of the station. Your home page on a FLASH, basically tantamount to a disguised refusal of the search engine, virtually all the weight of the station are reduced.

2, web publishing system is not professional. Suggest that you choose a professional publishing system, now a lot of free, at least have to do the whole page static. As much as possible to do some SEO optimization work. < >

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