Hand fun anime was tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing force original cartoon P ha


recently, the team announced that they hand interest, has completed the tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing, the current round of the German capital lead investor, the funds will be used for product development and operation.

hand fun animation was officially launched in July last year, the main product line is divided into two: original content and App operations.

is currently in the hands of original content, interest has been in the online animation platform two works: "Shanghai ZERO files" and "prodigal son song" diffuse in the production application, the former is 3D real reduction technology, to tell a story happening in Shanghai, the use of this technology is to have a stronger sense of the real picture and from my own experience of reading, in quality comics more delicate than the general.

song "diffuse" prodigal son is a relatively humorous story, the analogy is Japan’s "explosion king" telling the man, is a cartoonist growth story, but also hope to cut this theme blank. Less than a month on the two works, the total popularity of more than 100 thousand. In addition to these two works, the hand of the contents of the contents of the project also includes micro expressions and diffuse.


in addition to these works will be launched in the comics platform, another channel is their own "ZERO century" products, first of all, this product can be regarded as a small community fun hand fans, in addition to reading comics can also obtain hand interest related information.

on the other hand, this product also provides AR functionality, you can simulate the creation of a super dimensional product magic technology, users can interact with the two dimension of the product in the three dimension. They have been with the hand travel, wind and cloud, chariot girl and other IP reached a cooperation. This product is on the 12 line this month, there are currently more than 20 thousand registered users.


team, the company has a total of more than and 100 people, accounted for half of creative staff, founder Zhang Dawen was the "Assassin’s Creed: the concept of art design, painting and Art Revolution" project management, "Kung Fu Panda" derivative concept art and storyboards game design is by his surgeon.

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