PingWest product play a new round of 30 million yuan financing

28, PingWest technology media play goods announced the completion of a new round of 30 million yuan financing, investors including Zhi capital letters with the capital.


PingWest founder Thomas said to play, after a new round of financing, PingWest will continue to play to the present technology and digital media culture, and set up the digital entertainment division, will launch two files network variety show this year, will also be combined with production in the form of participation and network drama production.

data show that PingWest play was founded in September 2012, was acquired in January 2013 450 yuan of investment, the investor is ener Angel funds, venture capital and geeks help UC; in September 2014, pre-A completed a round of financing, the investor is the star of Lenovo, the Branch Chong Qing control and innovation Valley, which did not disclose the amount of. Official data show that the current PingWest products to play on the platform of more than 10 million users accumulated.

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