Shenyang buy site is now suspected of selling one hundred thousand of the selling price of their own

alert network group purchase collapse swept away the money

Chinese electronic commerce research center expert Wu Xuefei

‘s long-term commitment to the group purchase website research said, at the end of June this year, the number of domestic group purchase group purchase site more than 5300, the competition is fierce. Not only Shenyang, but also all over the country.

Wu Xuefei said that in the near future, the purchase of a significant reduction in the financing of the site, the lack of funds to buy the site began to shrink advertising, layoffs. But the collapse in small group purchase group purchase website at the same time, some giants have begun to make money, and the profit rate in the monthly increase, the next period of time, there will be more small group purchase website closed down, there will be a large group purchase pattern of group purchase website and part of distinctive small group purchase websites coexist.

Wu Xuefei warned that the second half of this year there will be more of the group purchase site closures, we must guard against financial risks, does not rule out a group purchase website absconding. Therefore, consumers choose to buy site:

one to choose a regular, high-profile, more popular website.

two to view the site’s web page structure is not clear, address, telephone, etc. are complete, look at the past user comments, orders and business communication.

three is the best way to use the third party payment transactions, it will be more secure.

following the group purchase originator Gaopeng layoffs after recently, Wo Wo Group, happy group also added to cut staff, handle network also changed the rich and powerful, full contraction of advertising.

in Shenyang, a lot of group purchase website has closed, some group purchase network is in the home "group purchase oneself", in the end how the booming

network group purchase?

buy site to sell their bid price one hundred thousand no one to buy


want to group purchase pickled fish, yesterday afternoon, who lives in Fengtian Street Shenhe District in Shenyang, Yin hang a well-known network group purchase, let her surprise, the price of 100 thousand yuan to sell their own website called. "The site is out of order." Yin Hang said, she remembered long ago in the website of the group purchase price 96 yuan, group purchase price sold only 43 yuan, pickled fish meal, let her deep impression.

reporter log in to buy the network, found the home page today buy column, the content is to buy the site group. Buy content display: × × buy site full sale, 100 thousand yuan. At the same time left a cell phone number.

then the reporter called the phone, the site is responsible for Ms. Sun said the group does sell the network. According to reports, the website was founded in August 2010, is the first batch of Shenyang group purchase website has opened in Beijing, Shanghai and other 10 city sub station, license, business license, IP online filing, payment interface, the navigation links and group purchase product resources, including other ancillary equipment such as computer, server, printer and fax machine.

Ms. Sun said that the current

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