nternet lending platform for public lending online collapse of a month

public lending network has carried out the business (picture cut from the site snapshot)

sina science and technology news on April 2nd morning news, on-line just over a month of Internet financing platform public lending network (zhongdaiw.com), today announced that due to the lack of operational team led to bankruptcy. Public Lending network in charge of the relevant person in charge of sina technology, said it would try to refund 90% of the user’s money, but did not disclose the specific reasons for bankruptcy.

The Internet platform for financing the public lending network on-line

at the beginning of March, belonging to the Hainan public credit Cci Capital Ltd, headquartered in Haikou city. Official data show that the public lending network positioning as small and micro enterprise financing platform, but also claimed to be P2P (personal to individual) network financial services platform, providing a variety of loan intermediary services.

yesterday morning, users find public lending network "to investors suddenly released a letter", claiming that "because of missing the entire experience of team management, resulting in the company’s operational risk occurred at the time of doing business not to control the risk of this, now you caused irreparable damage. All of these investments have resulted in irreparable economic losses".

public lending network claiming to have been bankrupt, and said it would strive for the best results. Hope investors can understand".

but to today morning, the announcement has been unable to open, and the public lending network station can access information, but almost all have disappeared, including transaction content, site profile, contact.

According to the previously announced

phone, Sina Technology linked to the public lending network responsible person, the person said there can only ensure the users try to compensate 90% of the amount of investment, funds from the public lending network paid for. The reasons for the collapse of the public lending network mentioned, the person in charge only vaguely referred to the two or three mortgage soon hung up the phone.

from the search engine snapshot of the information display, the public loan network official has claimed that the financial strength, the user can get the shortest time within 48 hours of funds, high efficiency". A few days before the collapse, the public lending network also issued a new advertising investors will be rewarded with varying degrees. The recruitment information display, public lending network office address Haikou City Garden 22 mid layer.

for the rapid collapse of the public lending network, some netizens pointed out that the registered capital of the public lending network of 10 million yuan, but the site is used online price of $10 to build the template, which makes life suspect. Another netizen advised investors to hold together Haikou, verify all loans net capital flows, if there is fraud should immediately report to the police. (Shu Shi)

below is the public lending network, a letter to investors, the full text:

as the public lending network of the legal representative and the shareholders, I sincerely apologize to all investors, thank you very much for your support, our entire management team due to lack of experience, resulting in the company’s operational risk occurred at the time of doing business not to control the risk of this, now give you cause "

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