QQ with the implementation of the network to defraud the amount of investment fraud amounted to 2 mi

Beijing January 20 Ningbo Xinhua (reporter He Jiangyong) a fraud Gang under the guise of QQ, the identity of users to strike up a conversation, the success of its own investment case attracted financial fried precious metals, play financial investment advisers lobbying investment in online account illegal trading platform, and through the manipulation of money market trend for customers. 20, the reporter learned from the court of Ningbo City, Yinzhou District Province, the court announced the use of online illegal trading platform to lure customers to invest in precious metals and fraud cases.

QQ trick investment 500 thousand

Mr. Wang is 40 years old this year, in Ningbo, Yinzhou District operating a hardware processing plant, a few years down is also a successful small boss. In November 2013, Mr. Wang received a request to add friends QQ message in the Internet, QQ personal data show each other is a nickname called "willow" female, 30 years old, the head is beautiful and occupation female image. Mr. Wang did not want to add a friend for the other side, the two quickly from their hobbies to talk about the work of investment. "Yang" is claimed to be in the garment business, usually also do, Lantian jade and silver investment business, has earned a lot of money.

Netizen "

Yang" is recommended to him a financial adviser Luo, Mr. Wang then added Luo Luo QQ, Mr. Wang proposed can learn in the simulation system, understand how to operate after the investment transactions, but simulation operation must first open an account, Mr. Wang at the request of the other party to download and install a man named "golden jewelry repurchase order system operating platform, signed a contract to open an account on the internet.

after a few days of simulation system of learning, Mr. Wang will invest 2000 yuan to the real gold leaf jewelry investment platform, and please give guidance because of Luo Luo, principal of 2000 yuan is too little to earn fees, refused to guide. In persuading the netizen, Mr. Wang heart, into the beginning of 200 thousand yuan speculation Lantian jade, carried out in accordance with the instructions of Luo, after only half a month is 50 thousand dollars profit, Mr. Wang is very happy.

Luo encouraged Mr. Wang to continue to invest: "recently the situation is excellent, we must seize the opportunity to stir two." So Mr. Wang will also be 300 thousand yuan into the investment system, according to Luo directed the purchase of "Lantian jade material system". Which know money day after but taking losses, and Luo has been let it continue opening, and said the technology department did not say out today, not to a warehouse, to maintain a good position, Mr. Wang obediently follow the instructions. 1 hours later, Mr. Wang in the system account money boondoggle. Mr. Wang felt cheated, hurriedly alarm.

was originally precious metals trading black company

multi investigation and the use of technical means, Yinzhou police in Fujian City, a district within the end of this precious metals trading black company".

original four Fujian after 80 young people Du Xiaofeng (chemical)

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