Daily topic Ali to enter the gaming industry to break the monopoly of Tencent game

station network (www.admin5.com) January 8th news, vice president of Alibaba group, digital entertainment group president Liu Chunning announced the official launch of mobile phone game platform, after a series of actions, from Taobao mobile phone client is also made for the matter. Alibaba today announced the launch of Mobile Games platform, which shows that Chinese Internet BAT three giants have all entered the field of Mobile Games is very influential.

Alibaba spokesman Wang Shuai

group said: "with the popularity of 4G and the introduction of a variety of intelligent terminals, the game has become a key mobile Internet core technology application, this is no one can ignore the trend." Wang Shuai said, we are on the gaming market monopoly, the status quo of the cottage expressed regret that the Tencent game alone, the destruction of the game ecology is very dissatisfied. If the game industry continues to maintain the proportion of 1:9 (platform operators take 90% of the revenue, the game operator is only divided by 10%), then the game industry deformity will not change. We believe that this outcome will be generated in WeChat."

touch technology CEO Chen Haozhi think, for until 2014 to do the game platform of Alibaba, provide a good starting point only is divided into Ali, Ali and dare to put their split down to 20%, partly because of its advantages of the platform can help reduce the flow of new user cost. In fact, the Alibaba launched a mobile phone game platform early signs, in August this year, former love will Ma Huateng, former vice president of Tencent, general manager of Tencent online video Liu Chunning joined Alibaba group, and then led the formation of digital entertainment business group, focused on the game, video and music entertainment business

game for Ali is concerned how important, isn’t important, a new business, Ali does not need to rely on the game to make money. But the game is too important for Tencent, Tencent, four large revenue, games, membership fees, advertising, electricity providers, including the game accounted for half of the country (Q3 total revenue of 15 billion 500 million, the game is more than 8 billion 400 million), and advertising revenue to support video, business is still a loss, if so, from the perspective of profit, the contribution of the game more than half of. So, if the game moved Tencent foundation, the strategic significance is obvious, so, the Tencent game has a pain point? Nature is some, whose walls are not impeccable, Ali’s electricity supplier, the Tencent has the game. Nearly half of the country currently has a monopoly of the gaming market Tencent, the first three quarters of this year, the Tencent game income up to 23 billion 500 million yuan (accounting for 54% of the total income of Tencent), a total of more than second to sixth ranked market NetEase, grand tour, perfect world and giant 5 online game company income.

, according to industry analysts, said Taobao, Taobao and hundreds of millions of mobile phone users, will be an important counterweight Alibaba launched mobile gaming platform. With Alibaba group’s overall resources, it is bound to break the rules of the game market into the game, so that more developers

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