U.S. host service provider HostEase released Chinese station

days ago, American host HostEase officially released Chinese website (cn.hostease.com), become the IXWebHosting second release Chinese station hosts the United states. From the beginning of last year, more than the United States host Chinese actively enter the market, IXWebhosting, Godaddy, HostEase, ResellerClub has partnered with Alipay, Alipay payment support, to solve the payment problems of domestic users; IXWebHosting Chinese website released in November last year, followed by HostEase, to be released this year Chinese station. According to the information obtained by reporters, there are a host of Chinese ready to release the station to solve the language barriers to Chinese users to buy.


HostEase was founded in 2008, the server is located in SoftLayer technology company, is one of the fastest u.s.. Last year after the payment by a wide range of domestic support for Alipay users, HostEase in order to meet the needs of domestic users, the beginning of this year in the official blog announced, will make Chinese interface for China users this year and provide Chinese customer service. Reporter login HostEase Chinese website, found that the main interface has been provided in Chinese, including the payment process, the user center, the main control panel, is currently the highest level of education in the u.s..

According to the official

HostEase, Chinese customer service has been completed, the customer service staff are training, is expected to be completed in June or so will provide Chinese customers with Chinese customer service.

reporter contacted several customers are using the HostEase host, they said, the speed of Chinese access fast, support Alipay payment, the monthly payment is the main reason they choose to support HostEase. While some other users use the host heard the HostEase release of Chinese stations and is about to provide Chinese customer service after the message has said it would consider replacing the HostEase. Chinese customer service is too convenient, a lot of customers using the U.S. host told reporters.

we are looking forward to more American hosts to provide better service for Chinese owners and enterprises.

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