The 21 year old stationmaster customers two months of profit 8000 yuan

October 25, 2007, supervisor received notification, said there is a video chat site on the Internet, the website chat room has a large number of pornographic performances, the webmaster may be active in the territory of Jingzhou.

after investigation, the video chat site has been operating for more than two months, has opened a total of 42 chat rooms, Internet personnel to the site through the long terminus Xiemou remittance for permission to enter the room to watch or "baby" video pornographic performances.


task force members to take on the site in the Mopai means by means of locking the scope of activities in the town of Honghu city of Jingzhou city area. In late November 5, 2007 11 pm, the task force in the town of Honghu city will be the site of an Internet cafe, thanks to a successful capture long terminus. After investigation, the suspect Xiemou, male, 21 years old, Honghu City, the town of sand, the long-term unemployed, mixed with all kinds of passion video chat website. He wantonly development site members, the site is only open for more than 2 months, on the development of various types of members of the more than and 600, profit of more than 8000 yuan.

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