Group buying site is not the only way to buy more red consumers limited information

although the United States is considering the acquisition of YAHOO in the field of buy site dominance Groupon news has not been Groupon CEO Andrew. Mason’s positive response, but it can be proved that now the rapid development of the group buying site really caused the attention of this veteran Internet giant. In fact, Groupon lifted the fire of the influence of group purchase is far more than the traditional Internet giant’s favor, but also attracted tens of thousands of followers. Only in the Chinese market, just less than a year’s time, there have been more than a thousand buy companies to join the army to buy.

public information, founded in November 2008, group purchase website Groupon, after several rounds of financing, now has more than 3 million registered members, the market value has reached $1 billion 300 million, the annual turnover approaching $400 million, the growth rate is quite rapid.

industry generally believe that YAHOO’s acquisition of Groupon at least to solve two problems, the first is the cash flow problem, because the current YAHOO’s cash reserves of about $3 billion to buy Groupon will be faced with no small financial pressure, after all, if YAHOO decided to acquire Groupon, will have to pay $2 billion acquisition of funds -30 the second is for Groupon; investment advice, in December last year received a $30 million investment from Accel capital, NEA venture capital, in April this year, the Russian investment company DST’s consortium has invested $135 million in Groupon.

in fact, in the group purchase website domain, the influence of Groupon is not limited to the United States, since March this year, China group purchase website began to gradually rise, as of now, the "hundred regiments" has been slowly to the "thousand group wars" evolution can be seen hot group purchase website.

from Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2010 China network group purchase survey report" shows that as of the end of August 2010, the number of network group purchase domestic enterprises scale has reached 1215, among them, entertainment, food and beverage two kinds of most popular, accounted for half of the country’s main group purchase classification; boutique online shopping share 8.9%, the main products in kind.

not only that, in today’s major domestic group purchase website, have also accelerated the pace of expansion in the major city, since July, the QQ group has now expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu six city, 58 city and the group purchase business now has become a strategic the focus of the company, and will expand in succession in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places.

however, in rising group purchase market has exposed many problems, in addition to previous industry speculation the group purchase website to raise a Babel of criticism of Juankuan station event, the current domestic group purchase business generally faced with the problems of growth of consumer groups, taking Guangzhou area as an example, and most group purchase consumption is >.

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