Net letter office shut down 16 illegal recruitment sites involving pornographic information

day before, the national network information office in conjunction with the letter and other departments to shut down the network, 114 part-time personnel, recruitment network recruitment network recruitment network quickly, Yingshang, 586 part-time evening, recruitment network 16 serious illegal dishonesty recruitment website, this is the recruitment website of serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification of the first batch of achievements.

the recruitment website of serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification work is before and after the Spring Festival by the national network information office with the relevant departments to carry out, to crack down illegal recruitment website promises chaos, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, promote the construction of the network integrity. The work of the special rectification work includes comprehensive recruitment website, graduate recruitment website, industry recruitment website and other recruitment website (including website recruitment channel, recruitment website APP).

it is understood that the closure of the serious violations of dishonesty recruitment website does not exist in accordance with the law to perform registration procedures, filing false information, dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information and other issues.

National Network Information Office official said, will further strengthen the recruitment of the presence of the recruitment website fraud, false propaganda, illegal pyramid schemes and other harmful information patrol and disposal efforts. China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center will promptly accept social complaints, to find the recruitment website alleged serious violation of dishonesty, the public can call 12377, email [email protected], or log reporting center to report complaints website

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