Micro Amoy unwilling to be pushed out of the marketing function to strengthen the electricity suppli

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Alibaba to social tools and from outside, do not forget another "mobile applications were high hopes for the micro amoy".

news September 29th, billion state power network has learned, micro Amoy in the near future will be on-line two important marketing plug-ins, both interactive and platform to enhance the viscosity.

from the micro Amoy official information display, two new plug-in upcoming respectively draw plug shake and fans exclusive price plug-in. Although no on-line, but the background operation method and main functions have surfaced.


among them, the lucky draw "shake" is the account of the operating side of the sweepstakes set up to enhance user activity. Businesses can set their own name, time, rules and display cover. In terms of rules, businesses can require users to pay attention to their micro Amoy public account, the transformation of new users for the fans, but also may require its purchase of goods, to guide the transaction, the number of times and the number of hooks hook.

awards on the set, the merchant offers prizes can be selected in the store coupons or lottery. Subsequently, the activity can be sent to the broadcast list to be pushed to the user.


plug-in "fans exclusive price" is to adopt more flexible promotion ways. The seller through the low price to stimulate the user, so as to classify the target user groups, and ultimately can be personalized to different customer groups to promote. For example, the old customers enjoy 20 percent off, VIP customers enjoy the value of 50 percent off.

and "shake", "fans exclusive price" plug-in set exclusive price baby, while setting a plurality of user groups, and the discount and the corresponding to the baby. That is to say, there is a special discount a discount for special users, all goods available.

it is reported that micro Amoy all plug-ins will be unified management of the plug-in background. In addition to marketing plug-ins, the new version of the Taobao mobile client will also improve the new user introduction of labels, diversification of product reviews, as well as the integration of Wang chat features.

learned billion state power network, September 23rd, mobile social applications "by the command of Alibaba group CEO Lu Zhaoxi personally between 4 version officially unveiled. Alibaba group pointed out that the exchange has bid farewell to the pure electricity supplier thinking, full of social aspects of transfer, to meet the user’s mobile social needs. The product is recognized as the industry’s social networking products to the electricity supplier representatives, in order to compete with WeChat and other strategic products to seize the mobile Internet portal.

, on the contrary, micro Amoy is built on the basis of the phone Taobao, its public accounts and a variety of functions around the core functions of the transaction. The insertion of the marketing plug-in, it will continue to strengthen the relationship between the seller and the buyer to enhance the effectiveness of the promotion of more possibilities.

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