E-mail should be the six major reason for blogging

email back!

In fact,

has never left us – just a lot of people enjoy other media, such as the convenience brought about by RSS, a little ignored traditional e-mail. RSS as a way to maintain communication with the reader, its life will be very long, but some people think that RSS subscription is an e-mail killer, a lot of enterprise nature of the blogger gradually realized that the message can not give up the media. Here I would like to share with you my experience on the BWE blog: how e-mail is more effective than RSS.

1 through data speak

according to the record, I now have a total of 340784 subscribers, of which 223081 are subscribed by mail, and the other is through the RSS subscription, almost 2:1. Although the proportion of different sites will be different (related to the theme). I guess that’s not the same for most bloggers, and maybe some computer technology, social networking sites, etc..

2 mail brings traffic

usually send Newsletter the same day, my site traffic is the largest. Look at the chart below, you can easily tell which day I sent newsletter.


RSS, of course, will also bring traffic, but compared with the newsletter is still a little smaller, it is likely that most readers read the article on their readers, but did not visit your site.

3 for site advertising, e-mail subscribers are more valuable than other subscribers

Nesletter sent the same day there is an interesting thing is that people click on the probability of advertising seems to be improving. When I first saw it when I was surprised, because I think this subscriber will only be interested in their own content, even visited my blog will be blind to ads, but I found that newsletter released the same day, my CTR (CTR) on the rise. The following is my advertising revenue, compared to know the role of newsletter is not small.


4 e-mail can also promote other ways to increase revenue.

I found that, on the day of newsletter release, not only my advertising revenue increased, other types of marketing strategies have also achieved better results. Include the following three:

Affiliate promotion for me, newsletter is very suitable for doing Affiliate promotion. I’ve tried it in this way

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