Another effective way to promote the film station

can’t remember how much you have done a movie website, every time is due to some other reasons, and stop again do stand again, after the re establishment of the station, recently to re engage in a boring movie station, see QVOD put a lot of resources to the station, said this resource is very good so, I put the website resources as QVOD, the name of the site also: QVOD movie network, we should think of the problem of website promotion after all ready for the movie station master said a lot of promotion is very easy, but why many stand still wandering in hundreds of IP, I will tell you anything about the movie website promotion method is most effective in here.

method: blog promotion

is now a lot of people say that the blog promotion effect is not very big, here I want to explain, many people do blog to promote their website, blog posts are the same, the number of blind pursuit, rather than the pursuit of quality, you have not thought about, if you really wrote a article is recommended to Sina blog page, is what the concept, you can bring much traffic I will not say.

method two: Baidu post bar

is a very important point in the Post Bar promotion is to care for each Post Bar rules, the Post Bar post rules is very important, otherwise you post a few minutes after it was removed, and the number has been closed, you calculate to several IP is not very cost-effective.

method three: Baidu Encyclopedia

I think

is very obvious in the Baidu encyclopedia promotion, do not believe the friend can go to try, but also in the encyclopedia promotion to select specific, not to do the promotion for those hot movies or TV shows, many of the editing, you just put the address left behind, they can give you go.

because of the time, the first thing to say here, there are friends to do the movie station welcome to communicate with me.

this article by the QVOD movie station ( webmaster through years of experience, we welcome a lot of guidance.

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