Easy to ignore in the promotion of mail

mail promotion is commonly used to promote the network, its importance to believe that we all understand. But to use this method to the extreme, need to pay attention to a lot of things, simply summarized as follows:

1, the way to promote the use of e-mail: license e-mail marketing and spam;

2, e-mail address collection: manual collection, software acquisition, etc.;

3, the way to send a message: manual send, send software, one to one, mail,

4, the content of the message: title, title, text, etc.; text content, image content;

5, the name of the mailbox, signature and automatic reply settings;

6, the design of the mail: text form, web form, etc.;

7, mail is the time to choose.

above, and so on, the Internet on such a lot of articles are also very good, in this case no longer do unnecessary repetition of these issues!

here to talk about the mail in the promotion of the process of a very easy to ignore the problem – the monitoring of the mail. The so-called mail monitoring in short in the process of mail in the promotion of the relevant data on the statistical analysis of relevant data messages, such as mail open rates, click the message header rate collected, and the data were analyzed in order to further modify the mail optimization, so as to make this promotion work the biggest is to achieve the desired effect.


for starters: analysis of mail promotion early on a regular basis to promote the mail visit data is particularly important, only the feedback data collection and analysis you would know what the title is the most attractive, which links with words most likely to be someone clicks, which (link) the picture is the most popular, if only from the get traffic in terms of place what link address to get the maximum flow, then you understand what products and services the most attention, we can use in these key points for the promotion of the message content to do more depth changes to enhance the user interest for you, these are the data can not simply rely on their own personal sense of it.

as a mail promotion is commonly used in different stages: with the promotion, my customers constantly changing, we are constantly upgrading, the changes in the market…… so our approach should also make corresponding changes to keep pace with the times "".

monitoring is a scientific means, which should be based on the market and the facts. The ultimate purpose of monitoring is to maximize the effectiveness of the mail, to bring more potential customers. Email marketing is a manifestation of the details of the work, the details not dealt with, will be greatly affected by the effect often discount, and even the vain little


implementation of the monitoring method is not difficult, just with the program staff to set up a statistical code and then placed in the mail can

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