Public comment will go from here to hear the founder Zhang Tao how to say

public comment 19 will be held in Shanghai in 2014, the strategic conference, according to the I dark horse news, Tencent or will be announced next week shares of public comment. With the public comment on the mobile terminal independent over 90 million users, localization layout and the development trend in the future of the company in the past the mobile terminal, which makes summary and thinking? Then how to do? I horse for you to share the science and technology Tencent public comment founder and CEO Zhang Tao interview.


its core view is as follows:

1, mobile devices quickly spread in the industry, the completion of the O2O market education.

Zhang Tao talked about the great changes over the past 2-3 years, the entire industry is the localization of O2O, along with the popularity of smart mobile phone, many shops boss himself has become a mobile terminal users, the completion of the preliminary work of education market.

shop owner in the public comment on the product has been understood, can bring convenience to each other. Secondly, the rise of the essence of the group is paid by the effect of the model to bring traffic to businesses. Now shop owner for media promotion, advertising, will be the first choice of the internet.

2, local life service levels to enhance the quality of

due to the localization of public comment localization service life, Zhang Tao talked about the online part of the focus is on how users quickly find information, around coupons, buy, booking, takeaway and other product development. Under the line to consider how to further cooperation with businesses.

for the characteristics of the precision of the mobile terminal, the public comment also seeks to enrich the content and level of the product through data analysis. Zhang Tao mentioned that the public comment in 2013 as an open platform 2, the content has been open to industry developers, bringing some innovative applications based on localized life scene, some unexpected in Zhang Tao. Such as the application of tourism and catering, map.

once consumers solve the necessities of life, to solve the problem of food and clothing, there is a need to improve the quality of life. We can do more in the field and design." Zhang Tao talked about the service of public comment is not just catering, including wedding photography, beauty salons, this quality of content services will become more sophisticated, the next step will be to do cultural performances.

finally, he said, the positioning of public comment is to provide quality of life services in the mobile terminal integration trend.

is the following Tencent science and technology dialogue Zhang Tao full text:

Q: over the past year, (O2O) to give you the biggest surprise is that the past is a relatively low degree of localization of business information, there are some superficial understanding, you now see this change?

Zhang Tao: I think the past two or three years, the change is still very large, there are mainly two factors. The first is to move, before its practical Internet people are generally young, probably more than and 10 years old to the early thirty, so >

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