nnovation model favored tuniu.com won the first round of Gobi venture capital

recently, China’s leading online travel service provider tuniu.com announced that it has successfully obtained Gobi Partners (Gobi partners) the first round of venture capital.

tuniu.com was founded in October 2006, is a nationwide provider of online travel booking service B2C e-commerce website. Tuniu advantage of using the Internet, the integration of tourism industry chain, through the call center and the business operation system of customer service, open up online travel booking mode innovation.

"and a number of air tickets and hotel reservation site, tuniu.com focused on tourist products reservation. By the way cattle website, visitors can easily browse through the purchase of products, through telephone booking, free travel back and forth between the hard." Gobi partner, vice president Jiang Tao said, "with the continuous improvement of living standards, the traditional tourism marketing model has become increasingly difficult to meet people on the tourism service secure, transparent and convenient needs, and the way cattle appear just to fill the gaps in the market."

according to the present situation of tourism products dragons and fishes jumbled together, tuniu.com COO Yan Haifeng said, in order to achieve customer-centric service philosophy, the way cattle developed a return visit system, one by one visit to all orders, ensure the quality of service, return all open and transparent public records displayed on the site, five items were rated according to the customer the evaluation, and finally calculate each product satisfaction, improve the quality and to facilitate tracking convenient for customers to choose, according to the current data, overall customer satisfaction is 97%.


in 07, 08 years has achieved rapid development, with innovative practical mode and excellent team attracted the attention of Gobi’s investment risk. After a thorough understanding, the two sides finally reached an investment agreement. According to tuniu.com COO Yan Haifeng said, the new investment environment and encourage the best domestic now will make tuniu a tiger with wings added to accelerate the development of new tourism products, influential, expand the value-added services, to further enlarge and strengthen customer service, create value.

After the

financial crisis, tourism started because of its relatively low cost, the industrial chain is highly resilient, can stimulate consumption characteristics of a number of follow-up, got the attention of many countries and society and attention, the recent introduction of the national leisure plan " " it will greatly promote the recovery and development of the tourism industry, boosting the national domestic demand. Tuniu investment at the same time, into a powerful confidence for the entire industry.

Gobi partners, Inc. is a professional venture capital firm based in China, which manages more than $two hundred million and focuses on early investments in the field of information technology and digital media in china. Gobi defines digital media as a new form of media that integrates telecommunications, media and technology. Gobi’s investment in the digital media industry value chain engaged in the development and emerging technology of private enterprises. Gobi fund’s strategic investors include IBM, NTT DoCoMo, Sierr>

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