Buy a new trend the world’s 3 largest buy site inspired


from the world’s 3 largest group of sites in the case found that foreign groups to buy the site favored by the high consumer class, and to provide high-level services. I have so many feelings: cheap is not the only factor to guide consumers to consume. The quality of consumption is sometimes more important than price. For the middle and high consumer class to provide a unique service to bring greater value. The mining of the high consumption stratum of the users is a very valuable thing.

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a few days ago in social commerce today read an article about the number of foreign buy site began to favor the high consumer class, and the corresponding provision of high-level services, very interesting.

article pointed out that the recent number of foreign websites are no longer relying solely on low-cost strategy to attract local consumers. They are beginning to offer solutions to people who earn an average of more than $70 thousand in household disposable income.

there are two things that are worth considering:

#1 people are tired of being in the spa, to eat cheap restaurants and other consumer interference, whether there is a higher level of trade to solve this problem and the corresponding business model?

#2 spend more people pay more attention to buy vouchers and coupons?

According to the Time

, more families are paying more attention to the value of coupons than to just consider the price of Moneyland. In fact, households with incomes of less than $54% have more than one subscription to more than one consumer site, while only 27% of households with incomes of less than $35 thousand subscribe to.

so, in the face of this situation, the website is how to deal with it? They offer to attract the rich and famous or at least high grade consumer consumer guide strategy, there are three main types of service group purchase website.

Groupon Reserve – at the end of the year to do business in a small number of cities, they offer long tail deals such as five star hotel discounts.


LivingSocial Gourmet, in order to strive, to provide LivingSocial service for its senior dishes discount invitation delicacy project.


Gilt City – Gilt City offers a wide range of expensive goods services, including golf outings, merchandise services, entertainment and other services.

the most important thing is that these three are provided with outbound travel services from Africa

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