JOJO the story of the website promotion and planning.

has a friend sent a message, I hope I can for his site planning to promote a point of view, in the face of different industries, different target audience and even different regions of the specific promotion strategies are different. Think of other friends may also be a little help, put it on this, for your reference.

1 site positioning – the first and most important step in site planning. To determine the characteristics of your target audience through market research (age, sex ratio, surfing habits, hobbies, consumer psychology and so on), analysis of similarities and differences between you and the competition, eventually find your own market entry point, is your advantage, you planning center. I believe this step there are many people who think that has been done, I stress this point because of the "Internet only" law, unlike in the commercial street shop in this website is simple, I have seen a lot of good people to do marketing in traditional industries on the Internet to show their skills, but suffer a big loss the reason is that, do not understand the characteristics of network marketing, the traditional marketing network marketing to a wired. Whenever you remember a little new in order to be different. "This is your network marketing is the premise, without this, I advise you to where the water is shallow.

2 integration of various resources — the Internet survival is the most important ", but this is not new in order to be different", you should also have the ability to integrate various resources, and show the advantage for you in full page.

this step you should pay attention to two points:

A. with your main advantage as the center, do not distract the attention of the viewer, if you have other points, you can use the package service, or the establishment of a group of sites to solve

B. fully mobilize resources, it is easy to say that there are many people can do but ignore the important resources of many, the. So you have to bear in mind the principle of making the most of what you have.

3 for different target segmentation page design

A. for the design of the target audience – on the basis of highlighting the advantages of their own, according to your understanding of their characteristics, the breakdown of various projects, highlighting the profit point. Due to specific analysis of specific issues, here I will no longer talk, but to remind you of a point: the design of a program should not only pay attention to the page text pattern, but also pay attention to the design of browser, enjoy convenient browser sometimes is also one of the main factors to retain customers. The other is the high hanging free card, you should keep your site has 7 free resources, which are attracting visitors, one of the means to expand visibility.

B. is one of the most important means for search engine design, website promotion is the search engine, want talent shows itself in many of his competitors, if you do not take the search engine oriented design principles do? Search engine optimization has many specific problems, you can see many articles, this is no longer expanded.

C. for collecting information

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