Guo Yongfeng talk about zero cost network marketing

with the rapid development of the Internet, different Internet stage, network marketing tools and methods are also different. Some practitioners have focused on technology, some focus on marketing skills, also some focus on the network platform in the performance of every kind of focus, now simply unable to open the network technology gradually marketing road. Guo Yongfeng found that now from TV ads to print ads, from outdoor advertising to indoor television media, nowhere to see the high cost of advertising. Typical VANCL, as long as it can be seen to a website advertising; the popular group purchase, whether it is the bus stop advertising or office media advertising, a day without feel awkward. Such a lot of cases, the high cost of investment is bound to return. Today, the old man is still a new Internet webmaster, do not have this strength, then the cost is worth the cost of personal website is worth digging network marketing.

, a network marketing methods Daquan

today’s network platform is no longer as simple as the 90s launch of the domain name even if successful, the Internet has been a variety of marketing tools. As a network practitioners, the network marketing methods must be understood, but to master several methods.

1, understand all kinds of network marketing method


is currently known to the public the promotion methods: IM promotion, advertising marketing, information marketing, ebook promotion, picture promotion, classified information promotion, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion, micro-blog marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, database marketing, video marketing, event marketing, marketing, marketing hunger force, precision marketing, integrated marketing and brand marketing. There are many ways to look at it, but in fact it’s OK for new people.

2, must be proficient in the method of

method is more, but the core can not be separated from the writing, then the soft Wen marketing is to master the promotion skills. The soul of the road lies in the soft, he is not to mention the importance of what, and what kind of soft text determines what you finally effect. Another is the integration of marketing, in fact, this should not be regarded as a method, but it is a guiding role of success or not. Precision and communication is the best interpretation of these two methods.

two, the execution of network marketing foundation

executive force is like people eat and sleep every day, as to the continuous operation, to these processes as a normal ‘physiological’ process. For newcomers, execution is more important than creativity. Whether it is today’s old webmaster Guo Yongfeng or the line of celebrities, such as always the operation. In 18 founder Jiang Likun in busy, pushing the 18 forum still do answer every day. Ma and Sun Zhengyi verified this conclusion: first class creative plus three flow of execution, not as good as the creativity of the three streams plus first-class execution!

three, the necessary basic skills


a lot of people

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