China’s entire nternet is copied from the other laugh Ma Huateng

Abstract: China’s Internet is a very interesting market, Facebook and twitter can not enter the Google has entered the half-way off, leaving only the electricity supplier giant Amazon can not stand.

mentioned entrepreneurial plagiarism, you have to mention China’s internet.

China’s Internet industry can be said to be copied model. Business model, product design, a variety of plagiarism constitutes the prosperity of China’s internet. And Ma Huateng is regarded as the boss of plagiarism, the development of Tencent, is a copy of the actual combat textbook, from the early QQ to the present WeChat, no one exudes a thick copy of taste.

today, ICQ has already been forgotten, QQ has become the people’s living habits, WeChat turned out and the way to lead the way, let the Asian Tencent in this year’s highest market value of a few degrees on the throne.

many people love Ma Huateng, want to learn his muffled fortune, "brought to copy" magic.

Tencent copy in the end how many things QQ copy ICQ, WeChat copy meter chat, CF copy CS…… List, there are about hundreds of products, this figure may make you look at other Internet Co Chinese be struck dumb, but the copy of history, we really should not laugh at Ma Huateng, because the Internet is China copied over


Taobao eBay Alipay paypal

plagiarism, plagiarism


in early 2003 April, Ma and 10 employees in Hangzhou secretly, was formally established in May 10, 2003, Taobao launched in early July 4, 2003, the rapid development of the site, on the new goods reached more than 2 thousand, in August 2003, Taobao announced a free 3 years, attracting a large number of small sellers.

Alibaba in the planning team, the world’s only Amazon and eBay two reference model, to study the two naturally or half unconsciously practice, whether it is the business model or page design, of course, can not avoid plagiarism.

and Taobao online, trading volume has always been on the go. Because the seller does not take money not to deliver the goods, the buyer does not receive the goods is not willing to pay, resulting in a deadlock. Ma Yun in order to find the solution, specifically to go to the United States, when there is PayPal this thing, immediately call the men to do alipay. Alipay also put Rhetoric: do I have to do a good job, to prepare.

2 years, Taobao has become the first online shopping market, accounting for 70% of the market share. October 2005, Taobao announced that continue to be free for 3 years, which makes the EBay has been a stable charge from the Chinese market.

Baidu plagiarism Google

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