Mobile nternet era behind the six Giants NOKA life hanging line

if someone asked, "what is the most fire in science and technology," I believe more than 90% will invariably answer: mobile internet". With the growing popularity of 3G networks and the rapid growth of intelligent terminals, spawned the development of mobile applications blowout, mobile Internet era has also been roaring. Google due to Android, apple iPhone/iPad, Samsung Galaxy series, Tencent due to WeChat, will undoubtedly become the brightest star in the mobile Internet era.

naturally, there are proud, there will be frustrated. Tencent technology for those who have been out of the country or the world will miss this feast of technology giants inventory, hoping that their experience or lessons to domestic enterprises to alert.

NOKIA: borrow WP8

comeback fight to win or die or sink?

2007, NOKIA had 14 consecutive years of global mobile phone sales champion, but the launch of Apple’s iPhone is unable to get up after a fall. Currently, NOKIA is experiencing a downward spiral, the sales decline, the market share has shrunk, the factory closed, large layoffs, credit rating into the second quarter of this year for the first time, the garbage level fell out of many aspects of intelligent mobile phone such as the first five challenges.

NOKIA how to restructure the country, the company will be on the future of Microsoft’s WP8, Lumia 920 and the launch of the 820, but also opened the prelude to the company’s WP8 mobile phone series. But judging from the early point of view, these two phones are the lack of bright elements. In addition, the number of WP8 third party applications are far behind competitors. Currently, a total of only 100 thousand WP8 platform applications, and the application of Google Android and apple iOS platform is 6-7 times.

"Southern Metropolis Daily" has given such evaluation: what is the over winter directly into the warmer spring, or fall into the cold to sink? Now NOKIA is standing in the long and short confrontation on the balance of the distance, which side are only one step away.

Microsoft: WP8, Surface and the mobile version of the Office can be later on?

famous Wall Street Internet analyst, known as the queen of the Internet "said Marie – Mikel (Mary Meeker) report released in 2012 showed that Internet in the first quarter of 2012, Android Internet equipment shipments more than Windows Internet equipment shipments. Mikel is expected that by the end of 2013, the quarterly Android Internet device shipments will reach 160 million units, while Windows Internet equipment and iOS equipment shipments were up to 100 million and 80 million units. That is to say, the installed capacity of smart phones and tablet PCs will exceed PC installed capacity.

but Microsoft’s market share in the mobile market is simply not climate. Apple, Google’s aggressive, so that today’s Microsoft in the mobile field is not enough words, at least not like

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