Topic daily events are frequent failures, run away P2P net loan platform reshuffle soon

A5 ( station network July 14th news, P2P net loan platform is controversial since its birth, with the recent development of the P2P industry has also exposed a lot of disadvantages, due to the lag of domestic individual credit system is not perfect, and regulatory policy, frequently illegal fund-raising, and other safety incidents Juankuan run away.

2013 and is P2P crazy expansion period. Before 2012, the total number of the national platform is only a few hundred or so, and by the end of 2013, the number of platforms rose to 692; by the end of 2014, the number reached 1983 platform. The P2P platform a lot of product cycle is 1-2 years, will usher in a period of centralized payment products this year, the industry may occur deep integration, a large number of poor risk control ability, cash flow is not a sustainable platform or will be eliminated.

According to the

net loan house report shows that as of the end of June 2015, the number of Chinese P2P net loan platform operation rose to 2028 by the end of 2014, the relative increase of 28.76%. In the first half, the number of new online lending platform close to 900, but due to the problem of the platform is constantly emerging, P2P net loan operating platform number of growth has slowed. At the end of June 2015, P2P net loan industry total platform reached 786, which in June added 125 new high platform.

P2P finance because of its convenient, low threshold, high-yield and other characteristics quickly attracted public financial participation of users, with the increase of users, the P2P platform has been a smash hit, reached its peak. But the P2P industry is a newly emerging things turn red too fast, the number increased rapidly, many drawbacks implied in the development process of gradually appears like a raging fire.

net loan home analysts believe that P2P net loan industry to accelerate the reshuffle period. P2P net loan industry platform intensified the problem, the number of platforms is expected in the second half will continue to grow. June issue of a high number of platform innovation, the industry can be seen out of the melt, the pool of funds, the demolition of the standard and poor speed control platform to speed up." Analysts believe that, in addition to the P2P are of vital importance to reshuffle, market structure changes with increasing number of shuffling, platform, platform for passenger cost has increased.

and with the guidance of Internet financial development of the introduction of P2P also indicates that regulatory policy is getting closer, CBRC ideas for P2P net loan increasingly clear, banned main contents including self guarantee, self financing, capital pool, illegal deposit and money laundering. The future of quality P2P platform will continue to stride forward singing militant songs and illegal operations, as well as P2P, net loan mismanagement will be eliminated.

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