Domestic gene mutation has been bought up half of the site has closed

News Chinese Internet practitioners rely on a full copy of the U.S. Groupon website set off a domestic network buying spree, but buy business model suffered localized gene mutation, buy bubble burst. According to industry statistics, group purchase investment boom so far, has half the site put up the shutters.

domestic group purchase site navigation collar mission network recently released the first half of 2012 "national census bulletin" group purchase website, the report pointed out that since the network group purchase boom rise to the present, the country has 48% sites closed down, exit the network group purchase market.


report pointed out that by the end of June, a total of Chinese born group purchase website and up to 6089, but the cumulative number of close to 2859, is still in operation 3210.

network buy bubble is the peak of 2011, in July of that year, to maintain the operation of the buy site up to 5088, since the stock began to fall.

it is understood that the two quarter of this year, the closure of the group purchase site is 510, the transformation of group purchase number 57, of which at least 7 group purchase website transformation for the mall navigation, 3 Transformation for the rebate website. Ganji has evacuated and love to help network comprehensive group purchase camp.

Groupon created the group purchase business model has been a genetic variation in the China, false goods price, discount, group purchase website fictional group purchase and participate in the business of bad faith, fraud and other phenomena of Internet users and even become the industry problems emerge in an endless stream. Insiders said that only the network to buy a large scale integration of the industry, a large number of small and medium closed down the site, the group was able to return to the short-term transparent discount to get new customers, the healthy business model.

reporter noted that the network group purchase industry is highly concentrated, the originator of the industry Groupon and the main rival LivingSocial two sites accounted for nearly 70% of the market share, Facebook and other Internet giants have test group purchase market, helpless and frustrated. In the United States Groupon website, the reporter saw the majority of goods and services half off, anyone can buy, there is no domestic "group", "offered" these claims, in fact belongs to the traditional American retail coupons (promotional coupons) are networked, digital, and even users only need to download the mobile phone display intelligent merchant staff the number of coupons, you can get a discount.

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