KesionCMS EshopV4.5 Beta

KesionCMS V4.5 main features:

1, no technical threshold, simple, easy to use, powerful, stable, safe, fast, flexible, beautiful, practical, good extension; website building solutions fast and efficient and powerful, non professionals can easily get started, let the non technical staff can easily and independently build and site management, backstage management authority the distribution of free support by channel and module are respectively set the channel manager and the administrator module, but also provide comprehensive background operation records, make website maintenance easier, let the site creative team collaborative work; system architecture security allows you to sleep without any anxiety.

2, the system function module: all super system not only has complete management modules such as article (News) system, image system, download system, animation system, music system, video system, system, system of supply and demand mall. A sub function of individual enterprise blog and announcement system, Links management, traffic statistics function, key management function, management function, the author editor source management functions, management functions, management functions, internal links JS code management function, batch management function, management function, website template tag management function, comment management function the photo album management function, friends management function, management function, RSS group discussion online subscription management function, favorites management function, mail listserv, Short Message service function, when the most popular Web 2 element Digg, PIP support code of advertising (Google AD) Wap (mobile phone access), generation of Baidu Internet news open XML protocol and more practical small function, convenient for your website management.

3, templates and procedures for separation, the label calls, support DIV+CSS, attribute setting batches, template for making more simple, the original "separation" of the new concept of website template and site procedures, with powerful custom (SQL) function labels, custom label, static function (JS) management function, personalized labels (JS) parameter configuration function, support different channels, columns, content pages, special applications such as different templates, can edit and modify and replace the web interface, visual template system integration is similar to that of Macromedia Dreamweaver as simple editing, attribute setting batches, template tags to fully support the most popular DIV+CSS format, support batch binding template, completely relaxed skin.

4, support for custom models, custom forms, custom SQL tags, each channel can be bound independent domain name. The user can be based on articles, pictures, download and other functional modules through a custom data table based on a custom field function to combine the new model system such as real estate, employment etc.. Custom form features, the use of this you can customize the questionnaire, order booking, etc.. All models support Tags tags, and can call the popular Tags. Support custom >

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