YAHOO plans to launch a new advertising system and content sites

sina science and technology news Beijing time on July 13th morning news, sources said, digital media company YAHOO will be released later this year a new content and advertising system. YAHOO management will try to persuade the entertainment site and well-known blog to install the system, the system will be based on the interests of the site’s visitors to recommend articles and videos.

YAHOO hope that through content customization to allow visitors to stay longer, and thus promote the sale of YAHOO brand display advertising, YAHOO will share advertising revenue with the site. Industry experts said that advertising network channel will usually receive half of the advertising revenue.

sources said the new YAHOO content and advertising system plans to take "components" (widget), cooperative website components implantation pages, articles and video display components and content of the article or the visitor interest. The new plan content and advertising system of YAHOO is YAHOO strategic "fun Internet" (Play the Web) part. YAHOO hope that through the implementation of the "Internet fun" strategy, creating a composition by the developers and publishers of the ecosystem, to create a website viscosity greater integration of YAHOO technology. "The Internet fun" strategy and a name for the Y! Connect function, users use YAHOO account username and other landing site. (new iron)

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