The Ministry of the deployment of second stages the implementation of real name system mobile phone

according to the Ministry website news, January 14th, the Ministry of industry and information technology held a teleconference, director of special work leading group office Han Xia informed of the progress of the work of the first phase and the second phase of the 12 tasks of a specific deployment, the basic operators reported the first phase of the unit to carry out the work, informed the second phase of the work plan. Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Xi Guohua said in his speech, to improve the establishment of pornographic and other harmful information control means, and actively promote the mobile phone real name system.

currently, three basic telecom companies a total of investigation of the 1 million 780 thousand sites, closed the site of the 136 thousand did not record. In addition, the enterprise test and combined with the masses found mobile phone website 11691 by jurisprudence, by the relevant departments have been judged, all closed, mobile phone jurisprudence issues have been preliminary treatment.

along with the gradual deepening of the work of governance, governance gradually increase the difficulty, the weak link gradually revealed. To this end, the Ministry of industry and information technology held a teleconference, the deployment of the second phase of the task. Han Xia said, the second stage is the task during the special action, the most crucial work, the biggest difficulty is strongest, which lasted for a long period, involving management means, technical means, disposal mechanism, enterprise system, supervision of the implementation of 51 and a total of 12 aspects of work. She asked all units and enterprises, to fully understand the long-term nature, complexity and difficulty of cleaning and combat mobile phone pornographic content, be mentally prepared to fight a protracted war, according to the weak link in the first stage work, formulate work rules, a clear time department, will further implement the task decomposition to the people. The system specification, the establishment of effective technical means, improve the linkage and coordination mechanism, to solve the problem of the target.

recently introduced the control measures and for the next phase of the task of governance to the three basic operators, Xi Guohua made a summary of the conference speech, he said, after nearly two months of treatment, although the number of domestic dissemination of pornographic information website has fallen sharply, but the overseas dissemination of pornographic information website in China the situation has not been fundamentally curbed, jurisprudence hidden deep, hard to find, difficult to dispose of the problem is still more prominent.

on the next phase of governance tasks, Xi Guohua stressed the need to do the following five aspects:

, for business promotion channels, each enterprise must in accordance with the program requirements, the implementation of the business promotion partner qualification, implementation of the inventory one by one and regular inspection business promotion channel business each link, such as can not guarantee that the tube can be controlled, to suspend the development, promotion is not allowed.

two, for web access management, the enterprise should follow the plan requires the establishment of corresponding mechanisms and means, comprehensive and effective daily monitoring of access to the site, especially for those prone sites should increase the frequency of testing, if found, immediately dispose of and included in the blacklist of the unit responsible for the management; is allowed to access the site did not record and the responsible person of serious punishment and leniency.


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