Must respond Sogou input method leak always abide by the rules


        sina science and technology news June 6th afternoon news, Microsoft’s search service will be China today Sogou input method to disclose user privacy incidents to respond. Bing said that China will not search the Robots.txt search agreement, the company has been to comply with orderly, healthy and ethical market behavior norms.

security issues feedback platform clouds yesterday announced by Sina micro-blog, Sogou input method can lead to a large number of user sensitive information leakage design flaws. In this regard, Sogou responded that this problem stems from Microsoft Bing search engine will not comply with the prohibition agreement.

so-called vulnerability from Sogou input method in the multimedia input function. With this feature, can share pictures, voice, text and other information between users, and its principle is that users want to share information, upload to the server in the form of a dog, you can click to view the link.

but because the search engine can easily grab these links, resulting in some of the user’s private information leakage. Sogou believes that the user’s multimedia input information leakage, and search engines did not comply with the relevant Robots.txt protocol, and pointed out that the key issues will be the search engine.

Robots.txt protocol is the search engine to visit the site to view the first file, the file tells the spider program on the server what files can be viewed. (Luo Liang)

below is the full text:

will respond to Sogou input method to disclose user privacy incidents, the official reply

recently, the report released by the cloud vulnerability reporting platform Sogou input method to disclose the user’s privacy information, caused widespread concern on the Internet, and many media have been reported and reproduced.

need to clarify the facts as follows:

suspected of privacy and indecent content on the site’s search on the search engines can be found on the. As of June 6, 2013 12:30 points, still can search through some search engines.

Bing search does not violate the Robots.txt protocol. As a global market for Internet products, will always follow the market norms, orderly and healthy morality, actively promote the concept of digital citizens responsible; digital safety rigorous, reliable network computing and provide experience for the people. We call and consistently adhere to the user to provide highly secure Internet services and products.

will be the search in the search market force is China, continuously upgrade the quality at the same time, has launched Bing Bing new input method, the influence of China close to the user’s application, win the attention and love more and more users.


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