Small station four months of sad history

      2006, Chinese ushered in the vigorous development of personal website of the year, when the crazy all-powerful Wangzhuan after one year. In 2007, I was with a cavity of blood on the road to a difficult site.

      positioning of the site is very important, since the thought of self-study for a year on the Photoshop is very proud of the appearance of the first preset position on the Photoshop, and provide free P map business. At that time full of confidence that the site, publicity, promotion, will be very easy to complete. So one of the website I started feeling utterly ignorant of.

      first setback

      see a lot of stations, went to a lot of forums, I think the forum is easy to gather popularity, under the DZ forum program, in the local debugging countless times, the first question to the. I have no space, not on the Internet, because of their own or in college students, the first time in the new network, the price of space from their peanut shell fiddle for 1 weeks, no progress. At this time there is a group of people that will give me free space and domain names, so I have a 2 domain name and a space. In the case of what do not understand, * * * made more than and 600 PS tutorial up, are pictures of local upload. A month from dawn to dusk. After the forum I was inexplicably linked to a lot of advertising, mainly based on GG. At that time, I realized that the original free space for me to pay such a heavy price. Because they do not know the space of the FTP user and password. My hard work is in vain, for a manual issued by the post, the more than and 600 tutorial is how much ah. Desperate 10 hours later, I decided to regroup.
      painful struggle

      find a lot of IDC businesses on the network. There are agents, there are enterprises, the price gap is very large, because at that time on the IDC basically do not understand, so pick a proxy. The 1G database of the space 500M of the Hangzhou world. IIS500, the rest are not limited. I feel very good, then spent 220 to buy a year, then everything is from scratch, or pure manual to post, to do the tutorial, but with less than a month, often do not open the page. The server says IIS is over the limit. Oh, my God,

      2 in the middle of the night, only to say that the IIS online limit of 5 people.

      after several times of ideological struggle, I have to change the space, because at that time, IDC has a little understanding of the. >

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