Ma Yunfa open letter public opinion on Ali resolutely combat fake interpret out of context.

DoNews June 23rd news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) "the Wall Street journal" today published the Alibaba group board chairman Ma Yun signed article.

Ma Yun said in this called "position and thinking" Alibaba in the protection of intellectual property rights in the article, after public opinion has the misinterpretation and misunderstanding of him, "I think I need to express their true opinion more clearly, this attitude is also responsible for all the people."

Ma Yun

"reduction" in his view on OEM, new trends and changes again and explain Alibaba observed: between brands and their OEM manufacturers and brands and their existing customer relationship, before the link are shifting and changing.

"this is the real point of view I want to say, and want to share and remind you: the Internet Success of enterprises based on the new, is to the traditional mature business model of retail brands based on a huge impact." Ma Yun said, "this is the reality, but also I was" the real background interpret out of context. "."

subsequently, Ma reiterated and stressed the position and attitude of Alibaba on the protection of intellectual property rights, Alibaba will not tolerate connivance but resolutely crack down on counterfeit goods. The brand and its intellectual property rights must be protected. Alibaba’s mission is to support those who innovate and invest in their own brand manufacturers. We have zero tolerance for violations of intellectual property rights, and will not, and will not! "

Ma Yun said at the same time, Alibaba invested unprecedented technology, capital and human resources for the protection of intellectual property rights. And, not only on the Internet, Alibaba also linkage forces in all aspects, to promote the production and dissemination of the line under the fake fight.

not long ago, MA in the Alibaba investor conference published on OEM (OEM) view, big brands usually use a lot of OEM (OEM), Chinese has the most OEM in the world, they (the business) no channel, but suddenly they found can sell products through internet. (so) the production of genuine and fake goods may be the same factory, they are not necessarily worse than the genuine, and more competitive prices, they face not intellectual property issues, they are faced with the problem of new business models." But then, some overseas media that MA in the promotion of "fake than genuine quality", caused controversy. (end)

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