E-commerce in the ascendant how to benefit from personal website


mode has brought infinite vitality to the electronic commerce, from taobao.com had a single large rapid rise later, dangdang.com joyo.com, Jingdong store, and then to the nearest dream bazaar, Martha Maso, good music to buy, with the different processes in the Eslite mode innovation, all demonstrated in electronic commerce the current Internet strong vitality. In the foreseeable future, we believe that there will be continuous innovation, e-commerce brings to the sustainable development of prosperity, in the wave of development such as, no ability to separate the operation of the electronic commerce website of personal webmaster, how to benefit from a piece of their own e-commerce from this big cake.


to do this we should fully consider the personal website of the advantages and shortcomings, to play a "small boat U-turn" advantage, weaknesses. Since there is no sufficient funds, team and resources to operate independent e-commerce sites, then the individual website can give full play to the initiative and creativity in their own third of an acre, play "awake" for others to do the spirit, through the implantation of other electronic commerce promotion links and various forms of advertising on the site. Get commission income. No doubt, this is a personal website can play an advantage, the main way to benefit from the wave of e-commerce.

into the e-commerce module in the website, to promote cooperation in nature, to focus on cooperation from site selection to placement form two, should choose a good reputation, the high rate of return of partners, to fully explore and utilize the higher conversion rate in the form of advertising, so as to obtain good returns on the whole.

a good selection of good reputation, high rate of return of the cooperative website

is currently relatively large e-commerce sites have opened a special promotion alliance, opened the door to cooperation with the vast number of small and medium-sized webmaster, through the station on their website incorporated promotion code, is applied to obtain the Commission recommended diversification. For individual webmaster, cooperate in the selection of the site, to ensure credibility under the higher rates of return partners. Below, we will compare some of the more common to provide opportunities for cooperation one by one comment on the site:

1, Taobao Taobao customer alliance


attached to the guest alliance founder Jack Ma taobao.com, has a good reputation, strong company background, advertising forms, advertising sources, commission rate of return is diverse, customizable, strong function and promotion of diversification advantages, a module can be arranged webmaster specialized code on the website of the website advertising form the content, can only use promotion links, can guide the user to the Taobao and Consumer Commission in their own name, so many webmaster welcome, in the current market share is leading, is the small and medium-sized webmaster for e-commerce cooperation preferred.

2, Dangdang alliance, excellent network alliance

Dangdang and excellence network as the two operating characteristics and species

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