Baidu has a brand re thinking the most afraid of turning the brand

is a successful brand, there are three key points: one is to let people feel the first impression and memory, and memory, there must be some memory, the memory is the memory of culture, no culture, no sensory perception, again indifferent, that brand is a starting point, the chance of failure will be great. Like Taobao, Taobao is memory. Two is the direct point of brand knowledge, when we have not a new brand awareness, as long as the brand appeared, people from this behavior immediately feel the brand of "Jing" and "odd" and "special", and through the brain thinking to the natural thinking, to know the direct effect, which is the preliminary success. Like melatonin, people think this thing in the end is what? To go or ask, but it has the basic of this brand has a direct perception of a grade, the direct perception although not necessarily be able to describe it, but it has been in the hearts of consumers there are the position. The three is the grade of accomplishment, when a brand name is launched, let people feel the feeling to try to let the taste of people yearning; as their taste value Hyun Shuo products; make high grade people can feel fresh. Alfalfa club.

said the purpose of early success, only one, that is, through such an inspiration to dissect a year ago out of the new brand connotation.

many of my network Amoy friends together, talking about the electronic commerce network marketing, from time to time will bring new pet C2C out last year — Baidu has ah ah, said registered up to now has been eight months, but even a single business is not traded, the strange thing is, for several months, even less than ten of his personal consulting shop, usually in Taobao’s hottest baby ah, have several levels of basic No one shows any interest in, my great master, the monthly income reached thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan more than the man was very difficult to understand, a professional shopping platform Baidu, how to a miserable this degree of

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said Baidu has ah there is such a problem, I think it is normal, but not hundreds of people have told me about the problem ah, I want to have a problem, we did a survey on the Internet, discovered why since it opened, the reason is not hot.

one, the most afraid of the brand


brand will need to spread, if not spread, then the achievements of the brand, basically empty talk. So do brand advertising is to see who? So far, there are still many enterprises do not know. When it comes to this issue, some people will say: no? This is going too far on the horse results in the grass, the enterprise that retarded such a simple question? How could enterprises do not know? In fact, the enterprise is sometimes confused, do not know is not the first problem: advertising for consumers to see. Nor is the second question: advertising is for the target group. The key is the third question: the content of advertising and consumer understanding level is not synchronized. Do not investigate, do not know, a survey to know that China has 78% of the advertising in the "third"

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