Millet rush, Meizu exchange, marketing is more important than the product itself

12 noon today, millet is a fun space marketing, and in 34 minutes for the success of the 100 thousand units of red rice Note and 200 thousand units of red rice mobile phone sold, hunger marketing, fans in space, fancier campaign has become almost synonymous with millet marketing, a social hunger marketing guide a hand of public opinion, even millet is in the "body" have a fever "and" Tucao period, sales are still considerable.


Meizu founder Huang Zhang as CEO again in February this year, has low price promotion MX3, said this year released four new mobile phone low grades of high school, financing the introduction of fresh blood, gradually open the international attempt (before a change in seclusion, and recently released) large redemption news: April 1st 10:00, MX3 a 64G to buy Meizu Meizu M8 mobile phone or 1/1S, i9000/i9100 meters can discount 500 yuan.

Meizu and millet, and Huang Zhang Lei Jun, formation like the young soldiers, and recently have flooded the war society although Meizu has ten years of history, but millet latecomers become the first, in the sales volume is falling far millet. Just look at the price, Meizu favorably to millet, but marketing is often very conservative, often by sales of millet, inevitably triggeringmeditation: marketing is more important than the product itself


give a few examples:

today 9 13 sets of CCTV news studio exposure most of Taobao, Jingdong, poly beauty cosmetics is fake, this will certainly cause a stir in the Internet industry, but this has not long ripples rippling, reason: users of CCTV media trust has declined, the skeptical state is more and more obvious, what people have said before the letter, now you say what people should consider a position. In the face of the disclosure of such fakes, most people said that the electricity business has always been a mix of genuine and fake cosmetics, or willing to wash the right price on the internet.

network video this time naughty for a 60 second ad, is very hate, it is suggested to provide a new class of members members can choose to skip these ads, said the investigation will not have a few people to advertising to open a membership, but increase the user antipathy. The user odds plainly still could not develop habits of users, the same programs to your home this season premiere next season, he was used to call the shots, the user is the way "who have m I go home to eat, who" have good resources immediately for a video to see, there is no good resources for fixed, what


is the network marketing, cosmetics market should be the woman to the "high quality" and "cheap" mentality, so even if the fake and Sheng are still wipe not that "lucky" psychological benefits, there is little more than a marketing network video products; otherwise, the user needs is really good in resources no, not all resources, most abundant products here. In short, the emphasis on marketing and products with the user needs closely linked.

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