You Can Rep Your Love For The Spicy Chicken Sandwiches In Section 119 With These New Snapbacks

first_imgPhish’s historic thirteen-night Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden has already become the stuff of legends. Baker’s Dozen saw the Vermont foursome truly stepping up for the occasion, performing debatably the group’s finest since their 1998 Island Tour. The pinnacle of the run could easily be considered night four, or “jam-filled night” (July 25th, 2017), which has since skyrocketed to the second highest-rated Phish show ever on However, throughout Baker’s Dozen, another quiet hero slowly emerged—a celebrated spicy chicken sandwich in section 119. Fans within Madison Square Garden and those who were streaming the shows at home quickly noticed a curious advertisement for “spicy chicken sandwiches in section 119,” sparking curiosity as well as long-running threads about the delicious sandwich on  Reddit, PhantasyTour, Phish Tour 2014, and more.A Baker’s Dozen Exposé: About Those Spicy Chicken Sandwiches In Section 119…As Live For Live Music’s Gideon Plotnicki detailed, “The spicy chicken sandwich comes from Fuku, an offshoot of the Momofuku brand helmed by renowned New York City chef David Chang. . . . Almost immediately, Fuku was praised for its outstanding spicy chicken sandwich. The sandwich is a play on the simple chicken sandwiches that can be eaten at fast-food establishments across the country, but with some twists that make it unique. The sandwich contains a chicken thigh that’s marinated in habanero, covered in buttermilk and a blend of spices, and then deep-fried to near-perfection before being served on a standard potato roll with pickles and butter. The end result is a juicy, crispy, delicious chicken sandwich experience that immediately jumped into the ‘must-try’ category for New Yorkers. Shortly after the opening of Fuku, both Madison Square Garden and Citi Field—home of the New York Mets baseball team—roped in franchises for their stadiums, making Fuku a standard food item at sporting events and concerts at either building.”Donut Sampler: Relive Phish’s Baker’s Dozen By Rewatching These Free Pro-Shot VideosDuring Phish’s Baker’s Dozen run, Fuku’s spicy chicken sandwiches gained a number of new fans in addition to becoming a more-or-less running joke throughout the run. Now, for the next installment in the epic of the spicy chicken sandwiches in 119, a new line of fan merch has gone viral. An Etsy account named CombinedSupply has begun selling a line of “Section 119 Baker’s Dozen” hats, which feature patches with the now-famous chicken sandwichs on a number of different snapbacks.The hat’s description reads, “A hat inspired by the food that fueled Phans for 13 straight shows, no repeats. It’s a Wookie blowing a fireball on top of a spicy chicken sandwich on top of a strawberry frosted donut! It’s busy, it’s ridiculous, it’s fun! The spicy chicken sandwich of Section 119 is now a part of Phish lore. Watch out for the Wook Fireball!!”You can check out the snapbacks for yourself here, and swoop one of Fuku’s spicy chicken sandwichs in section 119 of Madison Square Garden.last_img

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