QuestMobile Eleven double victories unveiled APP electricity supplier which is stronger

released in double eleven electricity supplier forecast data after one week, the well-known third party research firm QuestMobile in November 17th once again announced 2016 pairs of eleven electricity supplier APP "rush" report. The data covers the popular electricity supplier over the years APP double the number of eleven users, the use of a long time, user behavior, the behavior of a single user and the upstream and downstream sources, the purpose of the analysis and other comprehensive performance.

, a popular electricity supplier APP over the past 11 double the number of daily users and the use of long

QuestMobile data show that experienced 14, 15 years of rapid growth, in 2016 the household appliance business has stabilized, namely: Taobao, Jingdong, 10.2%. The Taobao DAU 245 million 460 thousand, Jingdong DAU 45 million 360 thousand; double eleven day, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong per day using the frequency and duration were among the top three; from the user point of view, dual eleven day three single peak, respectively is 0 points, the whole morning and at noon, 20 p.m. -22, Tmall double eleven 0 point single ratio is very impressive, even more than 30%.



look at the day when the use of long. QuestMobile data show that compared to last year, the Jingdong total use of long time increase more than 18%, Taobao’s growth rate of 12% in large volume, it is not easy. Other Mr.Zhou don’t let say.



two, the popular electricity supplier APP2016 during the two years of user behavior analysis


next heavy double eleven user behavior analysis. First look at the QuestMobile data display using the popular business APP per day during the double eleven and double eleven times, on the same day, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, per capita use times were 9.7, 8.6, 7.5, 41.4 minutes per day use number is 29.1 and 28.8; it is worth noting that, idle fish in 11 days, did not continue after rising momentum. Idle fish can understand, because it is second-hand,, is a bit embarrassing.

early in the first half of 2015, Mr.QM had been analyzed, from the start, after buyers’mode diversion Taobao has been blocked to self transformation electricity supplier,, beauty that has been trying to influence the free Taobao platform. However, with Taobao big data algorithm, since the media buying chain matures, other platforms increasingly difficult situation.

if the situation continues to double eleven, had to make people suspect, due to the entire industry, users and traffic growth is weak, large platforms, especially Taobao is trying to strengthen the entrance, the way to absorb more

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